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Professional, Comprehensive Adoption Services in Ohio

You are now facing one of the most important decisions of your life. The choice you make now will decide not only your future but the future for your child. Adoption Circle is here to help you examine your options so that you make the best choice for you and your baby.

You can contact us anytime - Adoption Circle offers 24/7 pregnancy counseling and support. 


Counseling and Support Services for Birth Parents

Adoption Circle Provides a Variety of Counseling and Support Services for Birth Parents, including the Core Services below:

  • Adoption Circle will come to you, no travel is required. 

  • Adoption Circle will make every effort to meet your requests for openness in your adoption.

  • No foster care is required with Adoption Circle. Adoption Circle is available to accept custody and place the child with the adoptive family 72 plus hours after birth. In those cases, no foster care is required. However, foster care is available if you need additional time to consider your decision.

  • All medical expenses for you and your baby which are not covered by health insurance will be paid by the adoptive parents after placement.

  • Adoption Circle can assist you in locating a physician who will provide you and your baby with quality medical care. Adoption circle can also arrange transportation to prenatal appointments.

  • All legal fees incurred for the adoption will be paid by the adoptive parents.

  • Adoption Circle can assist you in securing housing during your pregnancy. Ohio Law allows for living expenses and Adoption Circle’s social workers can discuss this with you meet.

  • Generally, no court appearance is required.

  • Adoption Circle can arrange for you to speak with an attorney regarding your legal rights in an adoption. If you do not have an attorney, Adoption Circle will provide or offer appropriate referrals.

  • Counseling is very important when making an adoption plan. Although it is not required, Adoption Circle encourages counseling throughout the decision-making process. Counseling is available through Adoption Circle’s state-licensed, professional social workers.

  • Maternity clothing is available upon your request.


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Adoption Circle

Adoption Circle's team of dedicated professionals are available 24/7 for birthparents and located across Ohio to assist you with your adoption needs.

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