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Are You Hoping to Adopt?

Adoption Circle can help you through the entire process or facilitate individual programs. 

This is a very emotional time in your life, you may have been on the emotional roller coaster of infertility. Adoption Circle can guide you through the process so that you approach adoption in an educated and positive manner. We care about you. We are recognized as one of the leading adoption agencies in Ohio and in the United States.

Adoption Circle has over thirty years of experience and has helped thousands of Ohio adoptive families and adoptive families nationwide grow through the blessing of adoption.


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Why should you select Adoption Circle to help grow your family?

  • You design your adoption plan to meet your needs as an adoptive parent.

  • You can be assured that you will receive one-on-one individualized attention with honest and helpful communication throughout your adoption journey. You will have direct access to one of our adoption social workers who will serve as your guide and partner in your adoption plan.

  • Adoption is a stressful process. We are here to support you when you may feel overwhelmed, confused or challenged as you become an adoptive parent. In critical situations, no matter what time of day, you can call the Agency Director on her personal cell phone. You will always be connected to Adoption Circle.

  • With over 30 years of experience, Adoption Circle’s staff has been recognized in Ohio and across the United States for their extraordinary level of compassion, knowledge and expertise in the field of adoption. Any adoptive parent, birthparent or child that works with Adoption Circle will directly benefit from their affiliation with our professional and caring staff.

  • Adoption Circle is your full-service adoption agency. We will be by your side every step of the way. Starting from the initiation of our working relationship we will facilitate all services needed to complete your adoption including the homestudy and approval process, birthparent match and selection, placement of child, the finalization of your adoption and beyond.

  • Your adoption process may require or you may desire to have referrals to other adoption related professionals. Adoption Circle has access to a vast network of adoption professionals in the areas of legal, accounting and finance, mental and health well-being, parenting and education resources, just to name a few. When choosing Adoption Circle you will have access to this network.

  • Adoption Circle understands that adoption can be expensive and often requires financial sacrifice from the adoptive applicant. Our goal is to ease or lessen your fear surrounding the monetary commitment needed for each step of the adoption process. Our fee schedule is predictable and explained in detail during your adoption training. Our adoption fees are spread throughout the adoption process which allows for a more manageable and balanced payment system.

  • If you select Adoption Circle as your agency, you can be assured that every birthparent that chooses Adoption Circle is provided with the utmost of care, compassion and support. Our staff provides 24/7 support and counseling for birthparents. Our agency will meet with birthparents face-to-face, complete a detailed social medical history and other paperwork required under Ohio law for the birthparent assessment. We are available for birthparents through all phases of the pregnancy, labor, delivery and placement process and continue to offer support after placement, if requested. Birthparents who have worked with Adoption Circle often recommend our agency to other birthparents considering adoption. We consider this the highest of praise.

  • In addition, Adoption Circle has a reputation for offering an exceptional education and training program. Adoptive parents who have completed our program are known to be so prepared that adoption professionals throughout Ohio and the United States often contact our agency when looking for adoptive parents for children in their care. What does that mean for you? Working with Adoption Circle provides you access to potential adoption opportunities not only with our agency but with our network of adoption professionals in our state and across the country.
Adoption Circle

Adoption Circle's team of dedicated professionals are available 24/7 for birthparents and located across Ohio to assist you with your adoption needs.

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