Are you Pregnant?

We know you and every birthparent who calls us has searched their heart to make the right decision for their baby. Adoption is a permanent, lifelong decision that requires courage, responsibility, unselfishness and love of yourself and your child.

Adoption Circle's caring and compassionate staff will personally work with you to design your adoption plan. Working together builds trust and comfort, the foundation for a positive adoption experience.

Meet our Waiting Families

Choosing a family for your baby is very important to you, and we want you to feel very comfortable with your choice and decision. 

Our waiting families have prepared bios with photos and information about them and their family so you can begin to get familiar with them. Adoption Circle is here for you, to answer any questions and guide you through the process if you decide to choose adoption.

Looking to Adopt?

Adoption Circle realizes the difficulties in trying to adopt today. We are experienced in working with families that have been on the emotional roller coaster of infertility.

If you choose to adopt, Adoption Circle can guide you through the process so that you approach adoption in an educated and positive manner. Adoption Circle can help you through the entire process or facilitate individual programs.

Adoption Circle News

Help.Org helpful resources. 22 Apr 2021 by Adoption Circle Staff

Help.Org is an organization whose mission is to provide support for people dealing with substance abuse and addiction.  If you are interested in supporting Help.Org, or if you know someone who might be in need of their services, please follow the link to learn more.

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Ways to Prepare for School while Addressing COVID 22 Sep 2020 by Adoption Circle Staff

Whether through distance learning or socially distanced classrooms (or a combination of both), kids will be going back to school in no time. But for parents, these are challenging times, especially with stressed-out kids and an abundance of technology. But there are ways to prepare your kids for back to school while addressing coronavirus worries.  Click the link below to learn more helpful tips from our guest writer, Jenna Sherman of Parent-Leaders.

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Adoption Circle's team of dedicated professionals are available 24/7 for birthparents and located across Ohio to assist you with your adoption needs.

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