Meet Jay and Drew

Hello From our Family

Thank you for taking the time to get to know our family as you make one of the biggest decisions of your life that will impact your child’s future forever. None of us knows how our stories will unfold, but we are so grateful that life has brought us together in this moment.

We cannot begin to understand the emotional journey adoption must be for an expectant parent, but we can say with certainty that adoption has filled our hearts with love & joy and our home with laugher & play. Adoption has made us a family, & we are excited to continue to grow.

We have a wonderful relationship with our son’s birthmother (and family) and frequently text, visit, and share photos. We are supportive of a degree of openness that feels right for you, and we hope to share many milestones together as your child grows.

If you choose us to raise your child, we promise to love & support them through all of life’s journeys & will always be with them - every step of the way. We vow to support you through this process, & hope to foster a lasting relationship built on the foundation of love for your child.

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