Adoption Services

Adoption Circle is committed to providing the finest adoption services in each individual adoption plan. We maintain a staff of highly trained, state-certified adoption assessors who are here to guide you through your adoption journey.

Birthparent Services:

  • 24/7 pregnancy support and counseling available

  • You and the family select each other through Adoption Circle.

  • Adoption Circle will make every effort to meet your requests for openness in your adoption.

  • No foster care is required with Adoption Circle. Adoption Circle is available to accept custody and place the child with the adoptive family 72 plus hours after birth. In those cases, no foster care is required. However, foster care is available if you need additional time to consider your decision.

  • All medical expenses for you and your baby which are not covered by health insurance will be paid by the adoptive parents after placement.

  • All legal fees incurred from the adoption process will be paid by the adoptive parents.

  • Adoption Circle can assist you in locating a physician who will provide you and your baby with quality medical care. Adoption circle can also arrange transportation to prenatal appointments.

  • Generally, no court appearance is required.

  • Adoption Circle can arrange for you to speak with an attorney regarding your legal rights in an adoption. If you do not have an attorney, Adoption Circle will provide one for you or offer appropriate referrals.


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Services for Adoptive Families:

  • Open or confidential adoptions

  • Adoption training and education programs

  • Preparation for parenting an adopted child

  • Homestudies for private, out-of-state or international adoptions

  • Professional counseling

  • Assistance in the creation of an adoption plan

  • Legal consultation

  • A variety of adoption-related auxiliary services

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Adoption Circle

Adoption Circle's team of dedicated professionals are available 24/7 for birthparents and located across Ohio to assist you with your adoption needs.

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