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Ohio Adoption Homestudy Information 

After you attend the Orientation and Education and Small Group Meetings, the process will continue with the Individual Adoption Homestudy Assessment. You will be assigned a state certified adoption assessor who will visit with you to conduct your homestudy. These meetings will include interviews and discussions on a variety of adoption and parenting related issues. You and and your homestudy assessor will discuss your social, medical, psychological and family history and other areas that relate to your decision to adopt.

Your social worker/assessor will assess your home to make certain that it meets the standards set by the State of Ohio and the Agency. You will have the opportunity to candidly discuss your motivation for adoption and your anticipated strengths and weaknesses as a parent. Adoption Circle views the homestudy process as an opportunity for you to assess your ability to successfully parent an adopted child. The goal of the homestudy is to educate and prepare you to reach a realistic decision regarding the adoptive placement of a child in your home.

Applicants will be given a list of specific documents which must be completed and given to the assessor/social worker during the homestudy process. Among the required forms are background checks, i.e. state and federal criminal, driving records and child abuse clearances, financial statement, medical form and four reference letters. All forms required by the State of Ohio will be provided to you by Adoption Circle.

All documents will be reviewed by your social worker/assessor to determine the readiness of an applicant to parent an adoption child. Adoption Circle reserves the right to request and require other documentation deemed necessary for the assessment of an adoptive applicant on an ongoing basis throughout the homestudy and adoption process. This may include reports on consultation with medical, psychological, and/or legal professionals. The homestudy can not be completed if any requested documents are absent from your file.

The Agency’s goal is always to be supportive and helpful in guiding you through your homestudy. We will lend a helping hand whenever possible. Your social worker/ adoption assessor will schedule appointments and phone calls with you at mutually convenient times but you must be prepared to dedicate a substantial amount of time to the process. The adoption process will likely require you to take time off from work.

Adoption Circle will complete a written homestudy report and notify you in writing the results in accordance with Ohio law.
Adoption Circle encourages you to complete all required aspects of the homestudy in an organized and timely manner. Delays in completing your homestudy without Agency approval may result in the termination of the home-study process. The information which you will provide may become outdated and the process will have to begin again at your expense.


Adoption Homestudy Update:

A Homestudy may be updated every two years from the date of approval of the initial Homestudy. Applicants seeking to adopt another child as well as those who have not received a placement during the 24 month period will need to update their original Homestudy if they desire to continue in the adoption process.

Homestudy updates include personal interviews and provision of current documentation. Paperwork required (but not limited to) includes a professional reference as well as medical, financial and background clearances. Additional documents are required depending on each applicant’s individual changes since the original Homestudy i.e. changes in residence, employment or number of household members.

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