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We are not alone in your pregnancy. Adoption Circle is here to help.

Adoption should be a parenting decision that birthparents make for their children after considering gall of their options, free of pressure from all potential sources. Adoption Circle offer 24/7 support for expectant mothers and will advise them of all of their options and answer any of their questions. 

Commonly Asked Questions from Expectant Parents:

Why choose adoption?

There are many different reasons why birthparents would choose adoption for their child. You might not be physically, emotionally or financially ready to be a parent and you know your child needs more than you are able to provide. Whatever the reason for considering adoption, there is never a wrong reason to want a certain life for your baby, as well as for yourself.

With adoption, birthparents can have full control over what happens and play an active role in every step of the process. It is also important to know adoption agencies like Adoption Circle can assist you with your needs during pregnancy. We can provide counseling, assist with medical expenses if needed, help secure housing and work closely with you create an adoption plan that fits your unique needs and wishes.

How do I make an adoption plan?

The first step to making an adoption plan is contacting an adoption professional or agency like Adoption Circle. If you choose to work with us, we will provide you with 24/7 support and guidance at each step of the process. Your local social worker will set up a meeting time to complete State required paperwork and go over the entire process in detail and answer all of your questions. You do not have to travel, we will come to you or can arrange transportation for a convenient meeting location. For more information about the adoption process and making an adoption plan, click here for our birthparent information packet.

Are there any costs for me, the birth parent, if I choose an adoption plan with Adoption Circle?

No. Your legal, medical and counseling expenses that are a part of the adoption process are paid by the adoptive parents. Adoption Circle also may assist you with maternity clothes, housing, or other pregnancy and adoption expenses mandated under Ohio law.

What information, if any, is needed by the birth father?

Although an adoption can take place without the birth father’s involvement, it is in the best interest of all parties for him to participate. Adoption Circle believes it is important, if at all possible, for the birth father to be actively involved, as early as possible, in the adoption process. This is only possible if they can provide the agency with the information to contact the birth father. Children deserve a complete medical history and a legally sound adoption. A court hearing may be scheduled to legally terminate his parental rights.

Will there be a family for my baby?

Adoption Circle believes that all children are wanted and has approved families ready to adopt children of all races and medical backgrounds.

What type of adoption plan is available for me?

Adoption Circle works with you as you decide what type of adoption is best for you and your baby. You may choose:…

Open Adoption:
Includes the birthparents and adoptive parents meeting one another, sharing full identifying information, and having access to ongoing contact over the years.

Openness in Adoption:
Refers to various forms of communication between birthparents and adoptive parents, such as exchanging letters and pictures, meeting on the first name only basis, meeting once but not engaging in ongoing contact.

Closed Adoption:
When the birthparents request that the agency choose an adoptive family for their baby, or they choose the family from agency profiles, but do not meet them. No information, except social/ medical (which Ohio law requires), is shared with the adoptive family.

Adoption Circle believes that the birthparent and adoptive parents should design their own adoption plan. Therefore, our agency facilitates individual adoption plans for each and every birthparent.

How do I select the adoptive family?

Birthparents who work with Adoption Circle choose how they select an adoptive family.

Some birth parents choose to review profiles written by the prospective adoptive parents. While others will request that the agency select an adoptive family. If you choose to read profiles you will have the opportunity to hear about different adoptive families and their lives. The profiles describe a family’s strengths, weaknesses, occupations, education, hobbies, leisure activities, courtship, marriage, family life, religion, home, neighborhood, and infertility issues.

Getting to know the families through their profiles enables you to select a family that you believe will meet the needs of your child. You also are able to select the religion and where your child will be raised (in Ohio or another state). You have the opportunity to meet with them or talk with them over the telephone if you would like.

How does a family become approved to adopt?

All adoptive families that are approved to adopt through Adoption Circle have met and exceeded all of the ridged requirements mandated under Ohio law.

An Adoption Circle social worker meets with the family in their home to assess their ability/potential to become adoptive parents. References, criminal record checks, financial statements and the adoptive parents home itself are all reviewed by the agency worker as part of the approval/Homestudy process.

Adoption Circle requires that all prospective adoptive parents be certified in an infant CPR and complete a childcare class. All families must complete an extensive education process that includ es how to talk to your child about adoption and relationship building with birthparents.

Will my baby have to go to foster care?

No. Your baby can go home from the hospital with the parents you have selected foster care is available if you need additional time to consider your decision.

How will my child be able to find me later in life if he/she desires?

One of the forms that you complete with your social worker allows you to authorize or prohibit the release of identifying information to your child when they are an adult.

You can write a letter to your child and share all the identifying information. Or you may choose to share this identifying information with the adoptive family during your adoption planning. At Adoption Circle we encourage all of our adoptive families and birthparents to keep us informed of their current address and telephone number so that we can assist in families whenever possible.

May I write the adoptive parents or my child a letter explaining to the reasons for making an adoption plan, and will I have the assurance that they will receive and read it.

Absolutely!! As a matter of fact Adoption Circle strongly encourages the birth parents to write these letters. Most adoptive parents ask to have these for the children. Adoption Circle can provide birth parents with journals to write their letters. If you choose you may give the letter or journal to the adoptive family or ask Adoption Circle to do so.

What kind of contact will I have with my child after the adoption?

The contact that you have will depend on the adoption plan that you design with the adoptive family. Adoption Circle has a policy that adoptive parents are to send pictures and letters for the birth parents, once a month for the first year. The agency encourages annual update pictures and letters after the first year as agreed upon by both birth and adoptive parents.

Will I have to go to court?

No. If the child is under 6 months of age and the birth parent is working with Adoption Circle it is not usually necessary to appear in court to relinquish parental rights.

Will my family and friends be able to visit with my baby in the hospital?

Yes!! Absolutely!! Adoption Circle encourages birth parents, their families and friends to see the baby and to have as much contact as desired with your child prior to placement. We believe it is an important time for you and the baby. However, if you do not wish to see the baby while in the hospital, that request will be respected. It is important to remember that you the birth parent are in charge of making decisions about you and your baby. Adoption Circle encourages birth parents to verbalize all their special requests regarding the adoption. We make every effort to assist you in completing the plan as you design it.

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