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Family is so very important to us. While we were both born in the mid-west, we met and married in San
Diego, CA. We always knew we wanted a family and shortly after our wedding in 2009, we started down that
path. However, after struggling with numerous unsuccessful infertility treatments and surgeries, acupuncture
and other alternative treatments as well as a painful miscarriage, we knew in our hearts that after almost 6
years, adoption was our next step. We knew that we were going to need the support of our families so we decided to move to Ohio and have been here for 3 1/2 years. While we miss our friends and the ocean, we love
the changing of the seasons here, how friendly everyone is, and how often we now get to see family. We moved into a new home in 2015 and we are loving our neighborhood with a large backyard, the miles and miles of walking/bike paths and the large number of ponds, parks and playgrounds nearby.

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