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Hello From our Family

We have spent countless days and nights trying to craft the perfect opening to what we believe is one of the most important letters of our lives. With limited space, we struggled finding the right words to convey exactly how much you already mean to us. We have immense love, gratitude, and respect for you, and so many dreams that the future may hold for us together. We want to share as much of our lives as possible, so you can see how the past fifteen years have led us to this moment. But, when writer’s block kicked in, we realized that this profile is not a one-stop shop to learn all about us. Rather, this is an invitation for you. We invite you to take a glimpse into our lives, learn about our relationship, our values, our support system, and all the intricacies that make us who we are. 
While this profile is centered on us, we have not lost sight that the process is about you and finding the family that you want nurturing, loving, and raising your child. Our road to parenthood has been an uphill climb, but we truly believe that our paths are intersecting for a reason. We are confident our challenges with infertility allowed us to fully open our hearts, our home, and our life to adoption. We know that this is the way forward, and cannot wait to grow our family in collaboration with you. We are open to being open, and would love to share the joy of your child's growth and development through letters, photos, and visits at your comfort level. 
So, from the core of our being, thank you. Thank you for considering adoption, thank you for reviewing our profile, thank you for becoming part of our journey. We hope as you learn more about us, you can start to envision the life that we are building for your little one. We welcome your questions or requests for more information, and would love nothing more than to continue the conversation.
With love,
Kyle & Stacey

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