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Hello From my Family

Dear Expectant Mother;

I'm so excited you are taking the time to read about my family status. I'm truly grateful you have the strength and courage to consider this adoption plan. I admire your selflessness. You are truly an angel. I want you to know I'm honored to be considered as your child’s future parent (mother).

If you choose me, I look forward welcoming your baby into my home and raising him/her with all the love I have to offer while creating wonderful memories together.

Circumstances have taught me that the most important things in life aren’t possessions or even accomplishments–but people, family, loving others, and living our faith. The philosophy of parenting starts with loving any child unconditionally, and giving him/her a firm foundation of security and nurturing. Every child deserves to feel wanted, special, and loved, and I know I can provide that.

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If you are interested in learning more about Goma or would like to have the printed profile mailed to you, contact Adoption Circle. We are here 24/7 for expectant parents considering making an adoption plan.


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