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Hello From our Family

Thank you for considering our profile and trusting us to raise your child in our family. We admire you greatly for your strength and courage considering adoption for your child.

We firmly believe everything happens for a reason, and that has helped us to move on from our infertility. Erin never would have imagined that 18 years ago when her brother placed her niece for adoption, that she and her husband would be adopting their own child.

There is a much bigger plan at work! We will be extremely grateful to be chosen as the parents of a child that is so loved by their birth mom as she is making a great sacrifice. We promise to send pictures and letters often. We will have an open line of communication with you throughout the process, as your well-being is very important to us as well as your child’s. We will do anything possible to provide the support you need.

We have worked hard to be in a position to give our child anything they could want or need. We promise to put your child’s needs and happiness above anything else in our world. Biology doesn’t make a family, love does.

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