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Hello From our Family

Thank you for choosing to learn about our family. We won’t presume to understand the feelings and emotions you’re experiencing over the last several months. We can, however, empathize with you and know that you are making a selfless and courageous decision. We are humbled that you’ve taken this step to consider us.

We offer a warm and inviting home grounded in God with a family full of love in a safe and supportive environment. We will encourage your child to become the person they’re meant to be. And they will be loved unconditionally.

This will be our third time through an adoption. It’s a beautiful, emotional experience. We maintain an open relationship with Jymma's birth family sharing texts, pictures and an occasional meetup. We have an open invitation to Lilyana’s birthmother to reach out whenever she feels ready. We look forward to exploring any type of relationship with you down the road. We want your child to know, to respect and to cherish ‘their’ life’s story from the very beginning, and that includes you. They will understand that you made this decision deep in love and with confidence in your heart.

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