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Hello From my Family

Thank you for letting us introduce ourselves. I, Laura, and my daughter Karen (age 5), are committed to providing your child with a loving, safe, secure environment. Your child will live in a diverse, multi-ethnic, multicultural community. My community includes opportunities for the child to grow in any direction and develop to his/her highest potential based on the child's own talents and interests. Karen and I became a family in 2015 when I got the call that her birth mother picked me for her. Just a couple days before Christmas, I met my sweet girl for the first time. Karen is big-hearted and generous. When she was barely able to talk, she was already doing kind things for others. Karen is so excited to be a sister; she has lots of ideas for sharing our lives with new brothers or sisters. We are eager for on open adoptive relationship, and we would look forward to sharing as your child grows.

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  • Family Fun Fact 1
    Karen loves Scooby Doo!
  • Family Fun Fact 2
    Laura has been in the Army for 28 years.
  • Family Fun Fact 3
    Karen and Laura enjoy swimming together in pools or at the beach.
  • Family Fun Fact 4
    Laura studies fish for a living. When working is fishing, life is good!
  • Family Fun Fact 5
    Karen’s favorite restaurant is McDonald’s, and chicken nuggets are her favorite treat.
  • Family Fun Fact 6
    We just started learning to ice skate.
  • Family Fun Fact 7
    We love traveling. Karen (age 5) has already visited 11 states in the United States.
  • Family Fun Fact 8
    Karen loves brownies with m&ms.
  • Family Fun Fact 9
    We camp every year. Karen roasted her first marshmallows by herself last summer.
  • Family Fun Fact 10
    Laura and Karen like amusement parks. Karen was so excited be tall enough to ride more rollercoasters this year.


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