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Hello From our Family

Hello and thank you so very much for taking the time to learn about our family and for considering adoption. We admire your courage as you sort through profiles, trying to decide what is best for your child. We have great respect for the strength needed to put your child’s needs ahead of your own.

We hope by the time you have finished ready our profile you will know and trust that any child placed with us will be loved and nurtured. He or she will grow up with a great sense of understanding of who they are and where they came from, knowing how strong you are and that the decision of adoption was a selfless act of love. We are committed to a level of openness that is comfortable for you, and we would be happy to send you photos and letters as you wish.

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  • Family Fun Fact 1
    Andrew has an entire basement dedicated to Comic Books! Thomas and daddy love to read them together.
  • Family Fun Fact 2
    Christy and Andrew met on Tinder.
  • Family Fun Fact 3
    Thomas loves playing with cars. He especially loves to sit outside and wave at every car that goes by. We can’t wait to take him to touch a truck in the fall.
  • Family Fun Fact 4
    Andrew was once hypnotized on stage by a comedian with hilarious results.
  • Family Fun Fact 5
    Christy is an amazingly talented swimmer who swam and played water polo in high school.
  • Family Fun Fact 6
    Andrew has run one full marathon and three half marathons; Christy joined him for two of the half marathons.
  • Family Fun Fact 7
    Andrew and Christy had a Christmas themed wedding, complete with gigantic Christmas tree!
  • Family Fun Fact 8
    Andrew and Christy go to Rock on the Range every year, even though Andrew is the only one who likes hard rock (Christy goes for the people watching).
  • Family Fun Fact 9
    Christy and Andrew have a very large friend base, ranging from current work friends all the way back to early grade school!


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