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Hello! We are Brad and Kristine. 

We want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to tell you a little more about our story. We met in 2006, got married in the fall of 2011 and ,in the fourteen years together, have built a home filled with lots of love, laughter, sports, and celebrations. 

After several long years of infertility and the loss of our daughter Hannah, we are excited to be on this new path to grow our family through adoption. These past eight years of trying to grow our family has taught us that life is precious and it's not just DNA that makes someone part of your family. Family means there is always someone in your corner to cheer you on through life's highlights and to pick you up when life's upsets knock you down. 

We are hopeful for the chance to get to know you and support you in your decision. Our motto has always been "every family has a story" and your chapter will always be a part of our family's story. 

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