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Hello From our Family

Thank you for taking time to get to know our family. We wanted to share some pictures and details about our life so you can decide if you would like to get to know us. Our family was brought together by adoption and any child that joins our family will be loved unconditionally. 

We are Rob, Lisa, and Robbie. Robbie was placed with us as a newborn, and we are very grateful to be part of his family. Robbie has always known he was adopted, and his birth family is very important to him. We have been lucky enough to have an open adoption with Robbie’s family. We exchange pictures, text messages and visits. Open adoption has been very beneficial for all of us. 

Our family enjoys travelling and spending time together playing board games, video games, and playing outside. We value education and hard work, so we make sure we have lots of time together to play and enjoy life too.

We hope you are finding some comfort and peace, whatever path you choose. We wish you all the best.

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