Meet Chris and Jen

Hello From our Family

Hi! We’re Jen, Chris, and Aspen. 

We truly appreciate you taking the time to learn about our family!

We are an outdoor loving family that is always on the go. We can often be found playing outside, riding the four wheeler, running, hunting, or fishing. We love hosting pool parties with friends and spend lots of weekends on road trips visiting family. 

We welcomed our daughter, Aspen, through an open adoption in 2019. Not only did we grow with Aspen, but with her first family, which has been the greatest gift.

While we prefer an open adoption, we will take each step one at a time with you. We can promise that your baby will be surrounded by love and will always know that they have a first family that loves them endlessly, no matter what that relationship looks like.

We’d love nothing more than to meet you and share more of our story. The next few pages are only a small glimpse into our journey so far. We know that journeys like this are never part of the plan and we hold you in our hearts with the utmost respect and consideration. We pray for guidance and grace as we all walk this road.

Thank you so much for considering us to parent your sweet baby.

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