Meet Dan and Danielle

Hello From our Family

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about us, our values, and what we envision for our family. We know you have likely faced many challenges on this journey, and we have been praying for you and thinking of you daily as you choose the pathway that is right for you and your child. We are honored that you would consider us as adoptive parents as we have both always dreamed of having children. Should you choose us, we promise to love, nurture, and cherish your child. We will make sure they always know where they come from, their birth story, and your brave and selfless act of love. Family is important to us and if you would like, we would love to openly share your child’s story with you as they grow. We know this letter can’t begin to answer all the questions you may have, and we would be more than happy to meet with you and learn more about your story while sharing more of our own.

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  • Family Fun Fact 1
    We were introduced when Danielle’s best friend married Dan’s cousin and we were both in the wedding. Their kids call us Aunt Danielle and Uncle Dan and technically Danielle is now related to her best friend.
  • Family Fun Fact 2
    Our family and friends often refer to us as “D-squared” because of our names.
  • Family Fun Fact 3
    We have multiple adopted family members including Danielle’s dad, aunt, and cousin and three of Dan’s nieces and nephews.
  • Family Fun Fact 4
    During Danielle’s first trip to Maine, we started our tradition of jumping off the dock at our favorite wharf where we eat lobster – it’s usually only 55 degrees when we jump in!
  • Family Fun Fact 5
    Dan is afraid of heights and Danielle is terrified by bees and wasps.
  • Family Fun Fact 6
    We both have taught in Columbus schools – only about 3 miles apart! – and we bonded over a card game our students taught us called Tunk.
  • Family Fun Fact 7
    Dan most looks up to his grandmother, Shirley, and Danielle most looks up to her mother, Marilyn.
  • Family Fun Fact 8
    We both love antiques and a yard sale once ended an argument we were having over directions while lost on our way to go camping. We bought a pair of ceramic ducks.
  • Family Fun Fact 9
    Danielle’s bucket list includes going on a safari in Africa. Dan’s bucket list includes owning a cabin in Maine.


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