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Hi. We are Scott, Erika and Memphis!
We are a family who loves to laugh, play games, ride dirt bikes and spend time with extended family. We have been married for 8 years and unfortunately have struggled with infertility since we got married; however, our dream of having a family finally came true when we adopted Memphis in 2018. We love being parents and look forward to growing our family by adopting again. We hope this profile will help you see what life would be like for your child if you chose us to be your child’s forever family. We have an open relationship with Memphis’ birthparents and would love to maintain an open relationship with you if that is your desire, but if not rest assured that your child will know their adoption story and that you loved them first. We can’t wait to meet you and hear more about your hopes and dreams for your child’s future.

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If you are interested in learning more about Scott and Erika or would like to have the printed profile mailed to you, contact Adoption Circle. We are here 24/7 for expectant parents considering making an adoption plan.


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