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Hello! We are Ben & Karim.  Thank you for taking time to learn about our family.  We appreciate you for considering an adoption plan for your child, and we hope you will consider us as potential parents.  We are a fun, warm, and loving couple eager to welcome your child into our family.  Becoming parents is the biggest decision of our lives, and should you decide to choose us as parents for your child, please know we will parent them in a house full of love and support, surrounded by family and friends.  We are excited about taking the first step to grow our family.  We will be working dads.  Ben works from home and his schedule allows us the flexibility to provide ongoing attention and childcare for an infant in the comfort of our home as we welcome a new baby into our family.  Although brief, we hope our profile will tell you more about us and the life we hope to provide to your child.  We believe an open adoption process is the best way to ensure a lifelong bond between our child and you.  We look forward to being invited to spend quality time with you before your child is born and we commit to invite you to share in the life of our family.

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