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Hello From my Family

First of all, I want to recognize how hard of a decision this must be for you. I admire your courage and strength and would love to become a support to you through this adoption journey, if that is your wish. I will be adopting a child as a single parent who will be able to provide a safe and loving home. I do understand this will not always be easy, but I have a very strong support system that will be there with me along the way. My mom and sister are already excited about helping with nighttime feedings and all of the fun we will have with a new baby in the family!

I promise to love, cherish, support and encourage your child and will teach them to become an independent, compassionate adult. I also promise to share with him/her their adoption story and will provide them with as much information about you, as you are comfortable with. Your child will know the love you have for them and that your decision for adoption was made out of love. I am open to sharing emails, pictures, and videos along the way, so you can feel comfortable that your child is safe and loved. I truly appreciate the opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself and my family through this profile. Thank you for reading this and I wish you peace and comfort during this process. 

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