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A profile is so difficult to write; how do we put into words what is in our hearts? We are Gary and Heather and want to share our love story as well as a glimpse into our lives. We met as young adults just starting on our own. We were friends first, quickly becoming inseparable, until one day we realized that we felt so much more. From that moment, there was no question of our commitment to each other or our future together. Spring has always been a special time for us; it is when we realized how we felt about each other. So of course we got married in April. We wanted to start a family shortly after we got married and purchased our first home. After twenty years of a happy and loving marriage, a few failed attempts trying to expand our family along the way; we are hoping you will find our story and family to be a perfect match for your baby. We hope you continue to read and gain a glimpse into our life as we look forward to meeting you and learning your story.

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