Meet Brad and Ashley

Hello From our Family

We would like to start off by saying Thank You so much from the bottom of our heart for taking the time to look at our profile.

We enjoy playing sports, watching sports (especially OSU football), playing board and card games, watching movies, working on projects, and especially hanging out with our family and friends. We can stay in or be outdoors, but the quality time together is what is most important to us. We are true partners, team mates, and best friends in life and adding a child to our family will only strengthen our love for one another and our family.

To say we are excited is quite the understatement for this new arrival! We will provide the best care that we are able to. We value politeness, good morals, work ethic, and education, and last but not least to enjoy life and have fun. We want to hold on to the child’s innocence and see life through their eyes as they grow.

We have a great home to grow in, and we long to be parents that will support him or her, encourage them, and love unconditionally. We are looking forward to the day where we can meet you and hear your story now that you know a little about us.

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  • Family Fun Fact 1
    Ashley’s Grandmother was our matchmaker.
  • Family Fun Fact 2
    We have two cats with one acting more like a dog than a cat. She begs for human food, follows us around the house, and likes her belly rubbed.
  • Family Fun Fact 3
    We were the designers of our home from the ground up.
  • Family Fun Fact 4
    We have two kayaks and enjoy the local lakes and rivers.
  • Family Fun Fact 5
    Brad is somehow able to run and compete in races without any training and does well.
  • Family Fun Fact 6
    We host an annual Kentucky Derby party with our friends and family.
  • Family Fun Fact 7
    Weekend camping trips in our camper are always a favorite.
  • Family Fun Fact 8
    Ashley has been a flight attendant the past 13 years which has allowed us to travel to many great places.
  • Family Fun Fact 9
    We are in the process of turning our unfinished basement into a theater and rec room.
  • Family Fun Fact 10
    We enjoy hiking at many of the local parks.


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