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Infant Adoption Program at Adoption Circle

Adoption Circle has been building families through adoption since 1991

For over 30 years, the primary focus of all Adoption Circle's programs is to assist in the adoption planning and the placement of newborn and young children.  We feel blessed to have helped thousands of families realize their dream of adopting a newborn through our domestic, infant adoption program.  We work with families of all types and accept children of all ethnicities, abilities or special needs. 

As part of its Infant Adoption Program, Adoption Circle places children born in the United States, usually under two months of age and deemed to be generally healthy by a hospital or physician at the time of placement.

If you would like to get started on the an infant adoption right away,

  1. Review Adoption Circle’s Online Information Packet
  2. Complete Adoption Circle Agency Application
  3. Print and sign the completed Agency Application
  4. Include a $250.00 non-refundable application fee, Adoption Circle will accept check or money order made payable to Adoption Circle.
  5. Return the completed, signed application and application fee to:

Adoption Circle
400 South Fifth Street, Suite 304
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Or email signed copies to

All completed applications received for the Infant Adoption Program will be reviewed and then scheduled to begin the adoption process by attending the Orientation and Education Meeting.

A letter of receipt of the application and an invitation to the appropriate Orientation and Education Meeting will be sent within 15 (fifteen) days of the Agency receiving the application. Orientation and Education Meetings are scheduled quarterly in the months of March, June, September, and December: *Please note: Room space is limited for the Orientation and Education Meetings. If your applications and/or reservation are received after reaching room capacity, you will be invited to the next scheduled Orientation and Education Meeting.

Adoption Circle will notify you with upcoming Orientation and Education dates once we receive your application and application fee.

Please send us an email or call our office 1-800-927-7222 if you have any questions about the infant adoption program.


Adoption Circle shall be an Agency of advocacy for all its clients.

The Agency believes it is important for all parties to be actively involved in designing their adoption plan. Adoption Circle will always attempt to meet the needs of its clients so long as facilitating the designed adoption plan is in full compliance with Ohio law and the Agency’s license as a private child placement agency. Adoption Circle provides its services in full accordance with Federal and State Law including the Multi-Ethnic Placement Act as amended.

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Adoption Circle's team of dedicated professionals are available 24/7 for birthparents and located across Ohio to assist you with your adoption needs.

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