Adoption Application and Process

Adoption Circle’s Application and Adoption Process for Agency Domestic Adoption Program

We are the leading full-service private adoption agency in Ohio. Adoption Circle will be by your side every step of the way. Starting from the first consultation with an Adoption Circle staff member, we will facilitate all services needed to complete your adoption including the homestudy and approval process, birthparent match and selection, placement of child, the finalization of your adoption and beyond.

Quick Overview of the Adoption Process for Ohio Adoptive Families Entering our Infant Adoption Program

1. Application

Adoption Circle welcomes the opportunity to share our Agency and its services with you!  To get started on an adoption, please read the following instructions:

  1. Review the Adoption Circle’s Online Information Packet.
  2. Complete the Adoption Circle Agency Application.
  3. Print and sign the completed Agency Application.
  4. Include the $250.00 non-refundable application fee, Adoption Circle will accept check or money order made payable to Adoption Circle.
  5. Return the completed, signed application and application fee to:
    Adoption Circle
    400 South Fifth Street, Suite 304
    Columbus, Ohio 43215
  6. When your adoption application is received it will be reviewed to make sure that it is complete. If it is not complete Adoption Circle will contact you to resolve the issue.

2. Selection

All completed applications received for the Infant Adoption Program will be reviewed and then scheduled to begin the adoption process by attending the quarterly Orientation and Education Meeting.  A letter of receipt of the application and an invitation to the appropriate Orientation and Education Meeting will be sent within 15 (fifteen) days of the Agency receiving the application.  Orientation and Education Meetings are scheduled quarterly in the months of February, May, September, and December.  *Please note: Room space is limited for the Orientation and Education Meetings.  If your applications and/or reservation are received after reaching room capacity, you will be invited to the next scheduled Orientation and Education Meeting.

Adoption Circle 2024 Orientation and Education Full-Day Classes for New Families

Classes are the first Wednesday of March, June, September, and December. 

**Class dates are subject to change and classes will close once they are full. **

Adoption Circle makes every effort to provide services to anyone interested in beginning the adoption process.  Adoption Circle will offer each applicant the opportunity to adopt. However, the Agency cannot guarantee that a placement will occur or the length of time that it may take for the placement to occur.  Adoption Circle provides its services in full accordance and compliance with the Federal and State Laws including the Multi-Ethnic Placement as Amended.

3. Education

An applicant is invited to begin the adoption process by attending the Orientation and Education meeting held in Columbus. This meeting is scheduled during the work week. It is a full day group meeting designed to provide you with adoption information that will orient you to the many facets of adoption.  Topics to be addressed include Agency philosophy, programs, procedures, services, legal issues, birthparent information, and types of adoption.

Applicants will hear birthparents and adoptive parents who have worked with Adoption Circle relate their adoption experiences. Openness in adoption is discussed so that all applicants will eventually make informed decisions as they design their adoption plans. This meeting also provides the applicant with the opportunity to talk with other applicants and learn of support groups. Adoption Circle hopes this will be a time to allow the applicants to become better informed, educated and comfortable with the adoption process.

After attending the Orientation and Education meeting applicants are scheduled for the next required training meeting.  Adoption Circle holds this a six hour small group meeting in the agency office training room.  This meeting gives you the opportunity to explore and question issues such as genetics, bonding and attachment, myths and fantasies in adoption, parenting the adopted child, culture, and child development.

4. Homestudy

After you attend the Orientation and Education and Small Group Meetings, the process will continue with the Individual Adoptive Homestudy Assessment. You will be assigned a licensed social worker who will visit with you to conduct your homestudy and discuss a variety of adoption issues with you.  During these meetings you will discuss your social, medical, psychological and family history with your worker.

Your social worker will assess your home to make certain that it meets the standards set by the State of Ohio and the Agency.  You will have the opportunity to candidly discuss your motivation for adoption and your anticipated strengths and weaknesses as a parent.  Adoption Circle views the homestudy process as an opportunity for you to assess your ability to successfully parent an adopted child.  The goal of the homestudy is to educate and prepare you to reach a realistic decision regarding the adoptive placement of a child in your home. The Agency’s goal is always to be supportive and helpful in guiding you through your homestudy.  We will lend a helping hand whenever possible.  Adoption Circle will complete a written homestudy report and notify you in writing the results in accordance with Ohio law.

5. Family Profile

You will be asked to write a family profile that once you are approved to adopt may be shared with birthparents upon their request. Your profile is the tool by which you are initially introduced the birthparents considering an adoption plan. This four page document should describe you and your spouse, if you are adopting as a married couple. If there are other children living with you, they should also be included. Details about your life, including age, religion, values, life experiences, occupation and home environment should be incorporated into your family profile. Agency staff members will be available to assist you with this assignment. When your homestudy has been approved, Adoption Circle will begin circulating your profile to Birthparents working with the Agency. Adoption Circle offers each approved adoptive applicant the opportunity to share their profile on the agency’s website.

6. Adoptive and Birthparent Match

When your homestudy has been approved and middle fee has been paid, Adoption Circle will begin circulating your profile to birthparents working with the agency. At this time adoptive families should prepare for placement of their child. Adoption Circle will notify the adoptive parents when they have been selected by a birthmother and the Agency will send all available social and medical information regarding the birth parent(s). The adoptive parents can then select back for a mutually decided adoption plan.

7. Surrender and Placement

No sooner than seventy-two (72) hours after the birth of a child a birthparent may surrender his or her parental rights and legal custody to Adoption Circle.  The Agency will never accept a surrender from a birthparent until the birthparent appears to be making an informed and voluntary decision, free of all duress and pressure. Shortly after accepting a surrender, Adoption Circle will place the child in the approved home of the adoptive family and shall perform post-placement supervision.

8. Finalization

The prefinalization period shall be no less than six months from the date of placement.  During that time Adoption Circle retains legal custody of the child and will perform post-placement, pre-finalization supervision.  A caseworker will make a home visit with the adoptive family no later than seven days following placement and shall make face-to-face visits during the post-placement, pre-finalization period.

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