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Adoption Circle - January 2024 Newsletter

Posted on February 05, 2024 by Adoption Circle Staff

Adoption Circle - January 2024 Newsletter

Well, we are off to a cold 2024. But we would expect no less for a January in Ohio. 😊As we look back to the events of January, it’s hard to believe we are already in our second month of the year. Time surely flies and it’s also hard to believe that Adoption Circle has been serving the adoption community for over 30 years. We are excited to see what is to come in 2024. 

We are always excited to see photos of our families that we have worked with over the years. The holidays give us opportunities to receive holiday cards and photos of the families we have worked with. It’s amazing to see photos of “our kids” from babies to young adults.

Collage of adoption circle families Christmas cards


January 15th we recognized the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for the rights and dignity of all people, and his legacy inspires us to continue working towards a more just and equitable world. Adoption Circle continues to promote equity and fighting against injustice.

Adoption Circle - Martin Luther King Graphic


Post Adoption Resource

After the finalization of an adoption, a child may experience special needs that require services such as counseling or therapies. Adoptive families may qualify for a subsidy to assist in the coverage of these services. Post-Adoption Special Services Subsidy (PASSS) is a subsidy to assist Ohio families after the finalization of their adoption. The subsidy is available to all adoptive families regardless of the type of adoption (international, attorney, public or private agency), with the exception of step-parent adoptions. The child DOES NOT have to meet either the federal or state definition of special needs to receive this subsidy. Each child may be eligible for up to $10,000 per year ($15,000 if residential treatment is recommended by a qualified professional). PASSS Applications are now available through the OhioKAN program, Ohio’s Kinship and Adoption Navigator.  The following link accesses the application instructions and materials.  PASSS | OhioKAN (Kinship & Adoption Navigator)

Placements, Finalizations and Big Birthday! 

A big congratulations to our families with adoptive placements in January. As well as congratulations to our families who finalized their adoptions. Looking back to our first placement of 2023, little Vivian is now one. Again, amazing how fast time flies. Happy Birthday Vivian!


Picture of Adoption Circle baby on first birthday


A Note from the Director of Birth Parent Services:

Just a reminder about book club. Please contact me at kim@adoptioncircle.org with book or Podcast recommendations. 


Looking forward to the March newsletter and highlighting all the February events. If you don’t follow us on our social media accounts, please do so. We post several times throughout the month.  FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter


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