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October 2023 Newsletter

Posted on November 02, 2023 by Adoption Circle Staff

October 2023 Newsletter

November is here and the holiday season is in full swing! The trifecta of holidays Hallowgivingmas has begun. One down, two to go!!! It’s time to take a look back at October’s events. Pumpkin patches and Trick or Treating were just some of the fun we experienced. While it is still technically Fall, it sure feels like winter with all the cold weather we have experienced. As always, Ohio temperatures are unpredictable. 😊

October Events

Fall typically finds families with young children experiencing all the fun fall events like apple picking, pumpkin patches and candy in great excess!! Here are some of the photos our families shared with us. 



For those of you with small children now is the time to create a plan to make it through the next few weeks with your sanity. Here is a great article written by an adoptive mom that will support you as you navigate time shared between extended families, gift giving and setting expectations. I especially love her suggestion of a pajama day on 12/26. This could be a new tradition in all our families! https://www.first4adoption.org.uk/christmas-survival-plan-tips-adoptive-mum/

For those of you still waiting to be placed we all know too well how difficult the holidays have the potential to be, as they are very child focused and can seem to highlight all that you feel you are missing out on. Here is an article that suggests 7 different ways to cope during the holidays while waiting for an adoption placement. https://lifetimeadoption.com/adoptivefamilies-wait-tips-get-through-holidays/


National Adoption Awareness Month

NOVEMBER is National Adoption Awareness month! Adoption Circle has a marketing campaign that will reach almost 40 different OB/GYNs, pregnancy clinics, hospitals and crisis pregnancy centers throughout Ohio. Do you know of a potential resource that Adoption Circle should reach out to share information about our expectant/birth parent services? Please email the information to Kim@adoptioncircle.org 


From the Desk of Birth Parent Services Director: Kimberly Blajsczak

The elves are already at work getting ready for the Adoption Circle toy drive for birth families in need. Interested in participating? This would be a great way to honor your child’s birth family during National Adoption Awareness month. You can mail in gift cards to stores for our elves to go shopping, or gift cards to Kroger or Aldi to gift a family a holiday meal. Cash money is always welcome too. If you and your extended family are interested in gifting Christmas to a birth family please let me know ASAP. I will request a wish list and sizes from mom for her children. We recommend that you send your gifts to the agency UNWRAPPED with wrapping paper and tape. This way moms can know what gifts are going to which child and who would appreciate/need the gift the most. Please also consider sending in stockings filled with candy, toothbrushes, socks and other necessities. You can also donate Donate (paypal.com) Have any questions? Please reach out! kim@adoptioncircle.org

Looking forward to the November newsletter and highlighting all the November events. If you don’t follow us on our social media accounts, please do so. We post several times throughout the month. (FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter) 😊

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