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My Interests and Why I Chose Adoption

Posted on October 16, 2018 by Brittany Morgan

My Interests and Why I Chose Adoption
Hello! I'm Brittany, a contract worker at Adoption Circle. I became interested in adoption after
hearing my cousin's story of adopting her two sons. At the time, I was approaching graduation
with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology at The Ohio State University. After realizing I could
pursue a career in adoption as a social worker, as well the many other great opportunities and
impact of being a social worker, I decided to pursue my Master's of Social Work at OSU
beginning in 2015.
I had my eye on Adoption Circle as an internship opportunity from the start of graduate school. I
knew that Adoption Circle hosted interns, but the agency only accepted second year students.
Somehow, though, the stars aligned and Adoption Circle offered me an intern position as a first
year student! It was unexpected, but a dream come true. I began working with Kim, in January
2016. I was then fortunate enough to complete both of my MSW internship placements at the
After graduation, I continued to work with Adoption Circle on a contract basis. I mostly work in
the Northern region of Ohio, including Cleveland and Toledo.
I truly believe in the importance of respecting and valuing the dignity and worth of all people.
Providing the support and education necessary for families to decide what is best for themselves
and their family is my main goal as an adoption social worker. Children are our future, and I
hope to play an active role in ensuring that children grow in loving homes that allow them to
become healthy, happy, and productive members of society.
I also have a passion for coaching cheerleading. I have coached at my former high school since
2013. Not only do I love cheerleading, but I find coaching to be another way to positively impact
younger individuals. Having coaching on my resume actually helped me land the intern position
at Adoption Circle, which makes me even more grateful for the opportunity to be a coach.
Outside of work I enjoy relaxing on my front porch, reading, watching movies, TV dramas and
reality shows (my personal therapy), and eating at my favorite restaurants with my closest
friends. I currently live in my hometown with my high school sweetheart, who has been the
biggest support to me throughout my educational journey and new career. We hope to start a
family in the future.
Thank you for taking the time to get to know me!

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