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Adoption Has Always Been Part of My Life

Posted on August 26, 2018 by Landis Olaker

Adoption Has Always Been Part of My Life

Adoption has always been a part of my life.  I have an older brother who was adopted at birth. My parents did not use an adoption center but rather chose a private adoption.   Adoption continued to be a part of my life when ultimately my husband and I decided to adopt.  We knew we wanted to use an adoption agency.  We asked friends and family for ideas regarding adoption agencies in Ohio, as well as researched over the internet. One friend spoke so positively about Adoption Circle that my husband and I decided that was the agency we wanted to work with.  We adopted our youngest daughter through Adoption Circle.  

I have been an attorney for over seventeen years.  I graduated from Capital University Law School.  I enjoyed working with Adoption Circle so much that after our adoption finalization, I started to represent birthmothers who had chosen an adoption plan for their child.  After representing birthmothers for several years, the opportunity was presented to become Legal Counsel for Adoption Circle.  I am so passionate about adoption and educating people about all the adoption services Adoption Circle offers to both birthparents and adoptive parents and the amazing impact adoption has had on my life. 

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