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Why I Was Destined to Work In the Adoption Field

Posted on March 07, 2018 by Carrie West

Why I Was Destined to Work In the Adoption Field

Adoption was part of my life long before I joined the Adoption Circle team. I was blessed by adoption when my parents adopted my younger sister from Korea. My sister was 18 months and I was about 6 years old.   I remember the excitement I felt going to meet her and bring her home. What a cutie! I have an older brother but always wanted a sister. I will admit there were quite a few struggles through the years that I believe were bonding and attachment related. Due to this, my mother got involved with Parenthesis Family Advocates. She began speaking at their meetings about her experience and offering support to other adoptive parents. From there she began working for Adoption Circle some 20+ years ago as the Birthmother Administrative Assistant. I got married around this time and began my family. I was fortunate enough to be a stay-at-home mother of 3 amazing boys for 12 years. When my youngest was in school all day, my husband gently nudged me to consider getting a job “outside the home”. Wait, what???? I hesitantly got a job at the New Albany library part-time. I ended up loving this job and worked there for 4 years. Then an opportunity opened at Adoption Circle for a part-time Adoptive Parent Administrative Assistant. The current Adoptive Parent administration (which happened to be my sister) had found a full-time job. So, of course I jumped at the chance to come work in the adoption field with my mom. Since I joined the agency in September 2006, the job has grown from part-time to full-time and from working solely with adoptive parents to offering birthmother support as well (as my mother has retired-yay for her…boo for me L). I am very fortunate to enjoy my job and my co-workers. I love that we are able to connect couples looking to build their families and pregnant mothers in crisis that want to make an adoption plan. It is so much fun to get together with these families through the years at our annual picnic and watch these babies grow up. I am very proud to work for the best adoption agency in Ohio!! On a personal note, I live in Westerville, Ohio with my husband and Cane Corso, Guido. I am a huge dog lover…. of huge dogs! Our boys are all grown and out living on their own now. I love baseball especially the Cincinnati Reds and The Ohio State Buckeyes (as my youngest son plays there). A year ago, my oldest son blessed our family with a beautiful little girl. I feel too young to be a grandma so she lovingly calls me “Gigi”. Melts my heart. The joy she brings to our family reminds me of why we do what we do.

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