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April 2024 Newsletter

Posted on May 03, 2024 by Adoption Circle Staff

April 2024 Newsletter

May is here along with the promise of flowers from all of April’s showers….and thunderstorms…and tornadoes. Along with the rain in April, Adoption Circle had a “rainfall” of placements. Four babies were placed in their forever homes and 3 families finalized their adoptions. The OSU Buckeyes played the Spring football game, and the promise of warm nights and baseball games will soon become a reality. If you don’t already follow us on social media, start to do so. You will be able to see our Finalization Friday posts where we showcase our families who finalize. We post several times a month about finalizations, placements and other special events. Check it out!!



Although this is a newsletter for last month’s events, we do want to mention the upcoming event in May, Mother’s Day. May brings the celebration of Mother’s Day! This can be a bittersweet holiday for many. Those that are waiting for placement may find this holiday painful. This day is a reminder of yet another year without a child. Those that are humbled by the selfless gift of a child through adoption may struggle to feel joy when they know that another mother is feeling such intense loss. Mother’s Day, like most holidays, trigger emotions in all of us, depending on our life experiences. We have recently received several emails from companies with the option to opt out of advertising for Mother’s Day gifts. While it’s one small step, it’s a step in the direction of respecting people and for that we re impressed. Here is an article with useful tip for those that are waiting to adopt: https://americaadopts.com/how-to-survive-mothers-day-when-youre-waiting-to-adopt/


For those of you that have been placed and are wondering if you should acknowledge your child’s birth mother on Mother’s Day, here is an article written by a birth mother and her perspective of this holiday. https://creatingafamily.org/adoption-category/adoption-blog/from-a-birth-mother-on-mothers-day/

NOW is the time to send in a card or gift to Adoption Circle for your child’s birth mother if you plan to honor her this Mother’s Day. Need ideas on what to send? A simple “thinking of you” note or a piece of your child’s artwork would be thoughtful. Feeling crafty? Check out Pinterest -there are so many creative ideas on simple crafts to make with your child. Will you talk to your adopted child about his/her birth mother on Mother’s Day? We certainly encourage you to – as so many times adoptees think of their birth families on holidays. When you initiate the conversation, you show your child that you are a safe place to talk about big feelings. Do you have an open adoption? Will you celebrate this holiday with your child’s birth family? It’s so important to remember that we are all just ONE branch of our child’s family tree.


From the desk of the Birth Parents Director, Kim. 

Hello! Run!! Don’t walk to TJ Maxx! They are selling reusable bags that feature moms – including adoptive moms. Representation is so important! This is (in my opinion) a big step forward!! This is so exciting. I know what gift all the moms in my life will be receiving this Mother’s Day!!!!



The Adoption Circle book club has currently been paused due to lack of interest. If anyone is interested in participating in a parenting support group for adoptive parents, please let me know. Our goal at Adoption Circle is to walk alongside you in this lifelong journey. We want to support you and help you to be the best parent you can be. Please let us know how we can do that! kim@adoptioncircle.org 


As all of us parents drag ourselves and our kids across the finish line of another year of school. We hope you all are able to enjoy the milestones achieved and look forward to a summer filled with baseball games, vacations and creating wonderful family memories. Looking forward to highlighting May events in our next newsletter. Remember to follow social media. 

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