Birthparent and Adoptive Family Testimonials

Adoption Circle is proud to have helped thousands of birth families and adoptive parents achieve their adoption goals. We are grateful for the regular letters and updates we receive from the people we have worked with and with whom we consider part of our family.

If the dedicated staff at Adoption Circle has had the opportunity to impact your life and you would like to share your unique story, email info@adoptioncircle.org. We would love to hear from you!

We were placed with our second son a few weeks ago.  Our oldest son already loves baby bro!  Special thanks to Kim Blajsczak of Adoption Circle for helping make this happen!

Adoptive Mother - Columbus, OH

I haven't told you (Kim Blajsczak-Blayney) how much I truly appreciate your support over the past 18ish years....but more so over the past 6 months!! You are amazing and I appreciate EVERYTHING you have done for me!! Thank you!

Birthmother, Columbus, OH

Hey...(Kim) I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU so much for making all of this possible!!  Not even two months ago I was so lost and had no idea what to do.  I knew that she (my child) would be better off with someone who could provide better for her than I can.  I couldn't imagine anyone who could fit my standards of "deserving her" or loving her.  I didn't think I would ever feel like anyone was good enough (including myself), but somehow you managed to find the most wonderful, beautiful people and bring us together!  And for that, I will be eternally grateful to you!!!!  Thank you so much!

Birthmother, Columbus, OH

If it wasn't for you (Kim), this child wouldn't have gone to the home he was destined to be with.  Honestly, I can't thank you enough for everything.

Birthmom From Columbus

Adoption Circle has a special place in our family's heart! They facilitated three adoptions in 3 1/2 years for our family and we couldn't thank them enough! They were professional every step of the way and were available anytime we needed them. Our social worker and the rest of the staff are like family to us. Our children still enjoy visiting the staff at the office and at the agency's annual picnic. Adoption Circle is the most amazing place! Our family is forever grateful to them!

Adoptive Mother, Columbus

Thank you to the fabulous staff at Adoption Circle for helping us build our family. You all have been such blessings to us over the past few years. 

Adoptive Mother, Columbus Ohio

I will never forget the wonderful people at Adoption Circle and our two placements! These are some of the best people out there! They are family! Not only do they look out for the adoptive family they also look out for the birthmom or birth parents with their best interests in mind!

Adoptive Mother, Ohio

Very efficient and professional agency... Our social worker was amazing, as was the rest of the staff. We are a non-traditional family and we were treated like everyone else. Our birthmother was also treated well which was important to us. Highly recommend--in fact two of our friends have started their family through AC.

Adoptive Mother, Columbus

We would not have the family we do if it wasn't for the kind, caring, professional staff at Adoption Circle. They know what they are doing, they care about each circumstance, and they leave no stone unturned. They look at every angle and ensure the safest possible creation of a family and support both sides, adoptive and biologic. The staff create a wonderful team that help adoptive families become home. They support biological moms who need the additional support.

Adoptive Mother, Ohio
Adoption Circle Birthmother - Paula

How can I even thank you for all you have done for us! Knowing that our baby has been placed in a wonderful home means the world to us. Everyone at Adoption Circle has been so helpful. God bless you.

Birthmother, Cleveland

You were able to sympathize and be reassuring…yet never offering assurances that you couldn’t give. It is what saved us emotionally even though it was frustrating! We appreciate your professionalism.

Adoptive Mother, Central Ohio

It was great to see you again! Thanks for holding the support group meetings. You are very patient and understanding. You do a great job as a social worker and friend.

Birthmother, Cleveland

Thank you so much Adoption Circle, Our experience with your organization was super and after 2 yrs we are still in contact with the birthmom and we have a great relationship with her and someday would love to tell our story to one of your classes…Thanks again

Adoptive Mother

Thanks – I just told another family to call you guys!  This has been such a great experience!

Adoption Social Worker from another state and agency

I want you to know meeting you has had an impact on my life directly; inasmuch as I now have the knowledge and understanding that adoptions give life as much as birth itself. Without people like you, many babies might not have their first breath. I am really grateful for agencies such as Adoption Circle.

Birthmother, Central Ohio
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