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Why Adoption is my Passion

At Adoption Circle, we are one big family! Our family atmosphere is best reflected in the relationships that we have cultivated and developed with our adoptive parents, birth parents, and children. Before we have the privilege of getting better acquainted with your family, we would love the opportunity to provide more insight into our tight-knit family! I am excited to announce that we are beginning a new blog series!  This series will give you a closer look into the Adoption Circle Family. For the first post in this new series, I would like to tell you why Adoption is my passion!

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Clearing Up Adoption Myths

Most of us are impacted by adoption in some way, whether we know it or not, making it important to understand adoption in a true light. In this article, we dispel some of the most common adoption myths.  

By clearing up adoption myths, we can change the perception of adoption, and promote empathy and understanding for all members of the adoption triad. Share this with others who might want to know more about the realities of adoption! 

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Adoption Support Group in Worthington, OH

LA Counseling in Worthington, Ohio, will be offering a free support group for teens (9th-12th graders) who have been adopted. Whether they have been adopted internationally, within the US, by a stepparent or extended family member, all are welcome. We will talk about the challenges as well as the blessings that come from being adopted.

  • Thursdays, 6-8pm starting October 19th
  • Meeting at 6797 High St #100, Worthington, OH 43085 3rd Floor Conference Room
  • Led by Grace Pratt, (also an adoptee)
  • Only 12 spots available, so sign up soon!
  • FREE!

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Birthparent Support in Ohio

You don't have to feel alone after making an adoption plan. Adoption Circle encourages birth mothers and fathers to share their adoption stories and become part of a community that can help by attending a birthparent support group. Birthparent support meetings and general adoption support meetings are held in the Columbus, Cleveland, Dayton, and Cincinnati areas. Read the article to learn about the benefits of attending a support group, and visit Adoption Network's website to learn more about adoption support groups in your area. 

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Listen Up, Parents: New Car Seat Guidelines!

In an ever-changing world, parenting decisions like choosing an appropriate car seat may sometimes seem overwhelming. We know that families want to protect their children, and safety support from a car seat can make all the difference. This article makes it a little easier by providing the most updated standards and a chart outlining the guidelines by age. Whether you have a baby or even a school-aged child, seat safety is important! 

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Finding a Pediatrician

Finding a pediatrician to meet your family's needs is important for any parent, but adoptive families have unique considerations when choosing the right doctor. A social and medical history from a birthmother that an adoption agency can provide is just one piece of a larger medical background. Follow this link for tips and specific questions that will help you choose a pediatrician who can help fill in the pieces and a serve as a support for a family built by adoption! 

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COFAF June Discussion Group: How Social-Emotional-Behavioral Difficulties Correlate with Learning Problems

Check out the Coalition of Adoptive Families (COFAF) ALL- June 15th discussion group with Julieann Ash, Midwest Educational Therapist. 

Topics to be discussed include:

  • reducing anxiety and frustration by learning to bridge processing difficulties
  • provide clarification around the causes of learning problems

When: June 15th @ 7:00pm-9:00pm

Where: Columbus School of Chinese

            1550 Old Henderson Rd, Columbus, Ohio 43214

For more information go to COFAF's Event Calendar.

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Save the Adoption Tax Credit!

TAKE ACTION NOW! Contact your member of Congress to save the adoption tax credit. 

Help give children a forever home - make it possible for all families to adopt!

American families are worried about a new legislative proposal to eliminate the adoption tax credit, which would raise the cost of adoption. And even with the existing adoption credit, many families cannot benefit unless the credit is made refundable.

If you believe the adoption tax credit is important, please just take a few minutes to record a video that will automatically be sent to your member of Congress! Save the Adoption Tax Credit makes it easy to do this with a step by step process outlined on their website.

Join organizations and adoption tax credit advocates now by acting now to protect America’s families and improve, not remove, this path to family for children. 

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Happy Mother's Day!

For all the Mothers and Mothers To Be...Happy Mother's Day!


 Happy Mother's Day from your friends at Adoption Circle

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Annual Conference of the American Adoption Attorneys

Landis Olaker, Adoption Circle's attorney, manning the table at the Annual Conference of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys and American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys in Montreal, Canada! Adoption Circle is proud to be an official sponsor of the Academy's 2017 annual meeting. 

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New Schedule for Columbus Support Meetings!

Big News: Effective immediately, the Columbus-area meetings will now be offered every OTHER month. Don't miss their March meetings:

Columbus Birthparent Group on 3/12

Cincinnati General Group on 3/18

Columbus Adult Adoptee Group on 3/21

The Columbus Open/General Meeting has an off month in March, but will be on the schedule for April. Spread the word!

Check out Ohio Birthparent Group's Event Calendar for more details!

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A Collection of Adoption Books for Children


There are over 230 adoption books for children to choose from! Granted this list has books from as far back at the 1980’s but as current as 2016!

These books are sorted the best that I could, considering I haven’t read each book. If you see your own book in this list and care to have it reviewed or moved to another category please email me!

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The Hope Summit 2017: 10 people. 10 stories of hope.

Check out this FREE online event about finding hope through the trials of life. 

The Hope Summit features 10 real-life foster, adoptive, special needs, and traditional parents who have walked through some of life's biggest trials, but have found hope in the middle of them. You will be inspired by their honest and powerful stories.

When: March 1st - 10th, 2017

Hosted by Mike Berry from Confessions of an Adoptive Parent

Click here to save your spot!

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The Adoption Tax Credit - Register for a Free Webinar Next Week!

You may have heard that you can offset the expense of building your family through adoption by claiming the Adoption Tax Credit. But how do you do this? Which expenses qualify and how do you document them? Are there different guidelines for families adopting domestically, internationally, or through the foster system? What about expenses incurred during a failed adoption attempt? Can you claim the credit retroactively?

In this webinar, Adoption Tax Credit Specialist® Becky Wilmoth, EA, will provide an overview of the credit—what is covered, how and when to file for it—and answer questions submitted by attendees. The Expert Q&A Webinar with Becky Wilmoth, EA: "The Adoption Tax Credit" will take place on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 from 2pm to 3pm ET (1pm-2pm CT; 12pm-1pm MT; 11am-12pm PT).



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COFAF Winter/Spring Discussion Group Series

Coalition of Adoptive Families (COFAF) is hosting the Winter/Spring Discussion Group Series "Creating Family Through Adoption". The first Discussion Group is tomorrow, Thursday (1/19/17). See below for details!

The Brady Bunch We're Not: Blending Family When Adopting a Traumatized Child.

When adopting a child that has been traumatized, there is often little discussion about the impact on the family-- in particularly the other kids. Hope you can join us Thursday when we explore this topic. The discussion group handout is enclosed with this email so you can see what we plan to cover.

Date: 1/19/17
Time: 7:00 - 9:00p.m.
Where: 1550 Old Henderson Rd. Suite N162, Columbus OH, 43220

Check out COFAF's Event Calendar for the Group Series schedule!

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Ohio Birthparent Group December Adult Adoptee Group - Columbus

Join Central Ohio adult adoptees for this private support and discussion group- for adult adoptees only (18+).
December 20th @ 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Gahanna Public Library
310 Granville St., Gahanna, OH 43230 
For questions and to RSVP, contact Sheree Gordon here.
Find out more about this event and other adoption support groups in your area on the Ohio Birthparent Group website

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Basic Care and Styling of Black Girls' Hair

Many adoptive parents of Black girls struggle with caring for their daughters’ hair. This challenge can impact a parent’s sense of confidence, as well as their daughter’s self-esteem. That’s why we’ve turned to the experts for help! 

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Adoption Circle Family Shares their Adoption Story with Local Community

Meet Rick, Tom, and their two beautiful daughters! These  dads share their story of adoption, and the different steps  they took when adopting their girls. 

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RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association to offer a local, peer led support group!

RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association is pleased to announce a NEW GENERAL ADOPTION SUPPORT GROUP in AKRON/CUYAHOGA FALLS, OHIO! 

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Adoption Circle's 2016 Picnic

Adoption Circle's 2016 Picnic included a “Renaissance” theme where Enactors came and gave demonstrations and set up projects.  All of our adoptive families and the children we have placed over 30 years are invited to our annual picnic.

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Five Tips for Creating Honest Conversations about Adoption

Earlier this month I introduced the topic of talking about adoption with your child. We discussed values in that first entry and I said we would spend the next few weeks going over the essential ideals of Honesty, Acceptance and…

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Empowered to Connect Conference Simulcast

Empowered To Connect, together with Show Hope, hosts the Empowered To Connect Simulcast — a two-day conference designed to help adoptive and foster parents, ministry leaders, churches, and professionals better understand how to connect with “children from hard places” in order to help them heal and become all that God desires for them to be.

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