Adoption Services and Programs

Adoption Services and Programs Overview Available at Adoption Circle

Adoption Circle a state licensed, non-profit adoption agency, welcomes the opportunity to share our Agency and its services with you.  The Agency was founded on the philosophy that children deserve the best we can give.  Our circle is a symbol of the continuum and life long relationship between adoptive families, birth families, children and adoption professionals.

Adoption Circle is committed to providing the finest adoption services in each individual adoption plan.  We maintain a staff of highly trained, state certified adoption assessors who are available to provide adoption assessments and counseling throughout Ohio.  In addition, the Agency is able to facilitate interstate placements in compliance with the Interstate Compact regulations and perform homestudies for international adoptions.

To introduce you to Adoption Circle’s programs and services, please click on the links below or download our Agency Information Packet.

Adoption Services for Adoptive Families: