Letter from the Herschberger Family

Race Car 1

Adoption Circle family helps to promote adoption awareness in race car tribute.

2014 marks the 9th year of Herschberger Racing and will be the first time that we will have Tyler (18) who pilots the 2011 Runaway Chassis OSR Yamaha powered micro sprint along with his brother Tristyn (4) driver of the quarter midget will be both racing at select races throughout the 2014 race season.

For 2014 we as a race team wanted to do something special and we decided to feature Adoption Circle on our micro sprint, simply because the agency means so much to us as a family.

We have adopted 2 wonderful children through Adoption Circle. Our daughter Taylyn (7) and her biological brother Tristyn (4), as pictured with the race car and their birth mom Beth, which we have gotten to know over the entire adoption process. For the 2014 race season we are promoting Adoption Circle and information about adoption at the race tracks we race at in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana along with several car shows that we have been asked to attend. Our race season runs from May through Oct and we typical run 25-30 shows.

We encourage everyone to checkout and like our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/HerschbergerRacing) to stay in touch with the race team. We post pictures and news feeds weekly along with where we are going to be racing at on Saturday.

We also have shirts and hats for sale that support the team and for 2014 we have made a decision for every shirt and hat we sell 10% of the proceeds will go to Adoption Circle at the end of the race season.

So not only are you helping our race team but you are supporting a great agency as well, our friend’s at Adoption Circle.

Order on Facebook page via comment or message OR call/text 419-583-6523
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We look forward to the 2014 race season and what it has to offer and we are excited to be getting our newest racer Tristyn started towards middle of summer in his racing career with his brother with 9 years’ experience mentoring him along the way. We encourage everyone to make it to a race and enjoy the excitement of dirt sprint car racing.

Thank you

The Herschberger’s