Why Choose Adoption Circle?

Why Choose Adoption Circle?

  • As a birthparent or a prospective adoptive parent, you design your own adoption plan to meet your unique needs as a parent.
  • With over 20 years of experience, Adoption Circle’s staff has been recognized in Ohio and across the United States for their extraordinary level of compassion, knowledge and expertise in the field of adoption.
  • You can be assured you will receive one-on-one individualized attention with honest and helpful communication throughout your adoption journey. You will have direct access to one our adoption social workers who will serve as your guide and partner in your adoption plan.
  • We are a full-service adoption agency which means we can facilitate the entire adoption process and be by your side every step of the way.
  • Adoption Circle provides 24/7 support and counseling for birthparents and our staff will continue support after placement to assure their needs are being met. Birthparents who have worked with Adoption Circle often recommend our agency to other birthparents considering adoption. We consider this the highest of praise.
  • Your adoption process may require or you may desire to have referrals to other adoption related professionals. Adoption Circle has access to a vast network of adoption professionals including highly experienced adoption attorneys, accountants, doctors and counselors, just to name a few. When choosing Adoption Circle, birthparents, adoptive parents and adoptees will have lifelong access to these services.

Adoption Circle’s Philosophy:

Adoption Circle’s philosophy is that all children have the right to love, security and nurturing; the foundation necessary to become a healthy, happy and productive adult.¬†Adoption Circle realizes that this type of environment may not always be possible if a child remains with his or her family of birth. It is the Agency’s belief that birthparents have the ultimate responsibility to make parenting decisions for their children. Adoption should be a parenting decision that birthparents make for their children after considering all of their options, free of pressure and coercion from all potential sources.

The primary focus of all of Adoption Circle’s programs is to assist in adoption planning and the placement of newborn and young children. Adoption Circle will effectuate its philosophy and purpose by providing professional counseling for birthparents and adoptive parents contemplating an adoption plan.
Adoption Circle believes that if adoption is the choice for children and their parents, it should be facilitated by professionals who realize that adoption is a life-long process. Adoption Circle accepts this responsibility and Adoption Circle’s policies reflect a commitment to the needs and best interest of the children of today, the adults of tomorrow.

Adoption Circle is committed to providing all parties to an adoption (birthparents, adoptive parents and adopted persons) with the support necessary to make the best possible decision for a child. The Agency maintains a staff of highly trained, state certified adoption assessors, who are available to perform adoption services including birthparent assessments and adoptive homestudies throughout Ohio. Adoption Circle will provide adoption services to United States citizens in compliance with the Interstate Compact Rules and Regulations.

Adoption Circle shall be an Agency of advocacy for all its clients. The Agency believes it is important for all parties to be actively involved in designing their adoption plan. Adoption Circle will always attempt to meet the needs of its clients so long as facilitating the designed adoption plan is in full compliance with Ohio law and the Agency’s license as a private child placement agency. Adoption Circle provides its services in full accordance with Federal and State Law including the Multi-Ethnic Placement Act as amended.